Contemporary Hot Wheels Listed By Series
-------- Last updated on December 9, 2002 --------

Only cars that are part of a series are listed below.  For a list of all cars, see Contemporary Hot Wheels Listed by Number.

2003 First Editions
(not yet a complete list)

2002 First Editions

2001 First Editions

2000 First Editions

1999 First Editions

1998 First Editions

1997 First Editions

1996 First Editions

1995 Model Series

Race Team Series

Krackle Car Series

Steel Stamp Series

Pearl Driver Series

Dark Rider Series

Roarin' Rods Series

Hot Hubs Series

Speed Gleamer Series

Real Rider Series

Silver Series

Photo Finish Series

Racing Metals Series

Race Truck Series

Flamethrower Series

Space Series

Race Team Series II

Mod Bod Series

Dark Rider Series II

Sports Car Series

Splatter Paint Series

Street Eaters Series

Fast Food Series

Silver Series II

Fire Rescue Series

Phantom Racers Series

Race Team Series III

Heet Fleet Series

Biff! Bam! Boom! Series

Quicksilver Series

Speed Spray Series

Spy Print Series

Street Beast Series

White Ice Series

Dealer's Choice Series

Rockin' Rods Series

Blue Streak Series

Tattoo Machines Series

Techno Bits Series

Tropicool Series

Low 'n Cool Series

Biohazard Series

Dash 4 Cash Series

Race Team Series IV

Artistic License Series

Mixed Signals Series

Flying Aces Series

Sugar Rush Series

Tech Tone Series

Buggin' Out Series

X-Ray Cruiser Series

Street Art Series

Pinstripe Power Series

Game Over Series

Surf N' Fun Series

X-Treme Speed Series

Mega Graphics Series

Terroriffic Series

Classic Games Series

Sugar Rush II Series

Cartoon Friends Series

Future Fleet 2000 Series

Hot Rod Magazine Series

Seein' 3-D Series

Snack Time Series

Mad Maniax Series

Attack Pack Series

Circus On Wheels

CD Custom Series

Kung Fu Force Series

Speed Blaster Series

Tony Hawk Skate Series

Secret Code Series

Fossil Fuels Series

Turbo Taxi Series

Rat Rods Series

Anime Series

Rod Squadron Series

Skull & Crossbones Series

Logo-Motive Series

Monsters Series

Extreme Sports Series

Company Cars Series

Hippie Mobiles Series

Skin Deep Series

Wild Frontier Series

Spares 'n Strikes Series

Tuners Series

Corvette Series

Trump Cars Series

Cold Blooded Series

Star-Spangled Series

YU-GI-OH! Series

Spectraflame Series

Masters Of The Universe Series

Sweet Rides Series

Grave Rave Series

Red Lines Series

Hot Rod Magazine Series

Fed Fleet Series

Virtual Collection Series

1999 Cop Rods
(These cars are not numbered)

Color FX Series "Super Stampers"
(These cars are not numbered)

1995 Treasure Hunt Series

  • Olds 442 (#1)
  • Gold Passion (#2)
  • '67 Camaro (#3)
  • '57 T-Bird (#4)
  • VW Bug (#5)
  • Split Window '63 (#6)
  • Stutz Blackhawk (#7)
  • Rolls Royce Phantom II (#8)
  • Classic Caddy (#9)

1996 Treasure Hunt Series

  • 428 '40's Woodie (#1)
  • 437 Auburn 852 (#2)
  • 430 Ferrari 250 (#3)
  • 431 Jaguar XJ 220 (#4)
  • 432 '59 Caddy (#5)
  • 433 Dodge Viper RT/10 (#6)
  • 434 '57 Chevy (#7)
  • 435 Ferrari 355 (#8)
  • 436 '58 Corvette (#9)
  • 429 Lamborghini Countach (#10)
  • 438 Dodge Ram 1500 (#11)
  • 439 '37 Bugatti (#12)

1997 Treasure Hunt Series

1998 Treasure Hunt Series

1999 Treasure Hunt Series

2000 Treasure Hunt Series

2001 Treasure Hunt Series

2002 Treasure Hunt Series

  • 2002-001 La Troca
  • 2002-002 1971 Plymouth GTX
  • 2002-003 '57 Roadster
  • 2002-004 Lotus Project M250
  • 2002-005 Ford Thunderbolt
  • 2002-006 Panoz LMP-1 Roadster S
  • 2002-007 Phaeton
  • 2002-008 Fat Fendered '40
  • 2002-009 '40 Ford
  • 2002-010 Tail Dragger
  • 2002-011 Mini Cooper
  • 2002-012 Anglia Panel Truck


I have finally found a Treasure Hunt!  It was at a grocery store.  We just moved into a new neighborhood, and my wife and I were checking out one of the nearby stores.  I just happened to head down the toy aisle (it's one of my habits, I don't even think about it anymore) and I nearly stepped on it.  It was on the floor!  So take heart, my fellow Hot Wheels fanatics, it is possible to find one.  It will probably happen when you're not even looking for one.

(It's been two years since I wrote the above statement.  Between my wife and I we've found five more since this.)

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