The Opening of
Our First Treasure Hunt

I had made an off-hand remark on RTC about how I would open a Treasure Hunt "if I had one" and, low and behold, this really nice guy named Bill Knudsen sent me one so my family and I could actualy have one to open!

th01.jpg (22861 bytes)

That's right, he just sent it to us!  A genuine #756 Road Rocket!  I'd never seen one, not even at a show.  I'd been hearing about how ugly the recent Treasure Hunts were, but not this one!  We could hardly contain ourselves...

th02.jpg (20185 bytes)

Yeah, the dorky one with the beard is me.  We debated back and forth if we should open it or wait, and I kept insisting we had to open it.  Bill sent it to us so that we could.  I had stated on RTC that I would.  So, holding my breath, I stuck my fingernail under the edge of the blister and carefully began pulling it back...

th03.jpg (22090 bytes)

Is it just another Hot Wheel car?  Is there something mystical about it?   What was it about these cars that would make a person pay $35 dollars for it?   Is it faster than a regular Hot Wheel?  Is it actually made in America?   My hands trembling, I continued pulling at the blister...

th04.jpg (23749 bytes)

Outside air was now rushing into the blister!  The Treasure Hunt was exposed!   Was there a surprise on the other side of the car, to be revealed to our amazement?!?

th05.jpg (22380 bytes)

I continue pulling carefully at the plastic blister, exposing more and more of this coveted treasure...  Soon the other side was revealed!  It was free of it's package!

th06.jpg (24085 bytes)

No surprises on the other side, but the car is even more beautiful without it's sight being filtered through the plastic.  It was agreed by all, this was indeed a cool Hot Wheel.

th07.jpg (22733 bytes)

Turning it around in my hand, I examined it from every angle.  Flawless, even if it was made in Malaysia.  Beautiful!  My wife, impatient, said, "Okay you idiot, roll it over here!"

th08.jpg (21420 bytes)

The car rolled straight and true, gliding easily across the table.  "Hey, that's nice," my wife said.  "That will go good on the track."   Well, while that's true, I wasn't ready to send it down the track yet...

...first I had to enshrine it for all to see on my website!  Thanks again Bill!   You're a great guy!  You can bet my wife and I will be looking out for something special with which we can return the favor!