Current Stories

  • Just Say Yes By Jo Dillon
    He spoke in the most rational, least threatening tone she'd heard since her townhouse burned. She couldn't answer such a voice with the truth. I kicked a psycho trick in the balls and I was running from my pimp. Shame drained the last of her strength, and she fell to her knees.

  • Stones By Lydia Kurnia
    She hesitated, not wanting to risk a kiss in public; but Yvran gestured at the pillar behind which they were hidden and tried a persuasive look. With a gentle sigh, Sheera leaned forward to seal his lips with hers.

  • By the Light of the Dark By Stephanie Burgis
    Not common, for a bear to lumber so purposefully toward a palace full of men, in broad daylight; not logical, for the beasts know to fear capture and bloody death. I could not fathom it; shock stilled my voice from calling warnings to my fatherís guards, who sat behind me playing cards in the warmth of their shelter, while the cold wind whipped through my hair.

  • Riptide By Gerri Leen
    She turned; a boy stood on the beach, as naked as could be. Kenna hastily forced her eyes up to the boy's brown eyes -- didn't the kid own a bathing suit?

  • From Mitsumi By KJ Kabza
    She leaned over, trying to see the cover, hoping she looked graceful. The leather-bound volume bore no title, but she did see the hash marks tattooed on the back of his left hand. She straightened and tapped her own knuckles. "I saw your hashes. I'm 8,000 too."

  • Play Money By Christina Crooks
    Then the man's words penetrated. "Huh? Killed you?" She looked up into laughing brown eyes. A black leather jacket clothed his broad shoulders. His playful smile didn't help her train of thought. "I killed you?"


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