Tetley Tea (from England)

We start our reviews with this tea as, as She says, this is “real tea.”  It is the tea by which all other teas are measured.  According to Her.

He agrees because he knows She knows what she’s talking about.

NOTE – This is not the American version of Tetley Tea.  The closest thing you’ll find in the USA is “Tetley British Blend” and while it’s close, it’s not quite the same.  It will do, however, in a pinch.

HER:  In England this is known simply as “tea.”  It’s black tea with no Orange Pekoe.

HIM:  It’s very smooth and refined.

HER:  It’s hot, too.

HIM:  (He blows on it, and then slurps.)

HER:  (She laughs at his subhuman table manners.)

HIM:  It tastes like tea cookies.

HER:  Tea cookies?

HIM:  They’re oriental.

HER:  (She sips)  You know, when you drink tea, you can literally feel the stress leaving your body.

HIM:  (Tasting again)  I detect hints of walnut amid a very refined black tea tang.

HER:  My way [with milk] is better than your way.  It’s more traditional.

HIM:  I like it my way [black with sweetener] because it tastes like a cookie.

HER:  It’s definitely a groovy tea.  Way groovy – with milk and no sweetener.

HIM:  Groovy even without milk, but it needs sweetener.

According to the Tetley.co.uk website, this tea has three main components:

  • Assam from India for body and strength
  • African for the distinctive taste and red colour
  • Ceylon for a smooth refreshing finish