Archive of Stories
  • Jesus Christ Lord of Hosts Meets L.A. County by Holly Day
    Jesus takes off His flannel shirt and ties it around His waist, taking shelter beneath store awnings to keep His shoulders and back from getting too sun burnt. He has run out of cigarettes, and can't seem to shake the beginning nic-fit as easily as He'd like. "Messiah, heal thyself," He mutters under His breath.

  • Take Care by Raven McAllister
    Mr. Johnson, or at least the thing that was at one point Mr. Johnson, rubbed its hand atop its head, the skin black and brown with rot. From his single right eye (the other side of his bald cranium bore a gaping chasm packed with what I believe was dirt) he regarded me like a toddler trying to understand the intricacies of a situation just beyond its ability to grasp.

  • The Candy Child by Simon Owens
    "Missus would like to buy candy." Itís a question, the fumes of candy breath drift up, the candy child asks if my mother would like to buy candy. The box opens, the inside drips as the past intertwines with the present, then solidifies once again. It is nothing but candy, would the missus like to buy some candy?

  • Helios By Gary Moshimer
    We don't make love -- we just cling, shrinking yet aroused with fear, waiting for the door to open, or something ... we'll wait all night. But of course we can't. We wake to brilliant light, icy lips, the windows wide open. Our covers are dusted with snow. And of course the bra is gone...

  • Skinned Cats By Mike Howard
    It was all quite serious. Conventional mores forbid teaching dietary self-denial, and promoting sexual abstinence was a sin. Yet whole generations were at risk ... perhaps the future of the entire Molloscoid Race.

  • Shares by Harry Ingham
    ...the singer was shaking her head from side to side as she screamed something unintelligible into a mike, and she caught him in the corner of her eye and did a double take. She kept on singing, if that was what to call it, but stared at him. Gradually, the other bandsters looked where she was looking, and two of the keyboard men quit playing. The drummer jumped to his feet and yelled "Cut!" Notes tumbled into a pile and lay there, and it was quiet...

  • Balance by James Steimle
    Long ago, a man once posited the argument that time travel was logically impossible, because if time travel could ever be invented, it would have been invented in some future day, and travelers would endlessly have visited our past already. He was right, but not in the way he thought.

  • Wild Horses by Daniel Kaysen
    "For a start," said our Captain, "she's from G-block." That shut me up. We'd never seen anyone from G-block, not up close. G-block was where the ballet dancers were...

  • The Twenty-Five Presidents by Vera Searles
    All twenty-five smiled in unison. One replied, "Mr. Villers, wouldn't that defeat our purpose? The terrorist network has plans to take me hostage. Rather than cancel my normal schedule, I'm now available to make speeches and appearances as planned..."

  • Student No. 3 by Philip Roberts
    See, Katie wasn't just killed. From what I've heard, the killer got her while she was walking home. He pulled her into the park and went crazy on her. The police won't release any pictures of her body, and if even half the stuff the kids say around school is true, I can understand why.

  • Lenny Bruce Is Not Afraid by Debbie Taylor
    There it was, in glorious TechnoTD, the World ending. I shifted channels for an hour or two, trying to find the best footage. I didn't want to go to the club tonight and be the only one who had missed the apocalypse.

  • Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide by Kenny Baumann
    For a time, a long time now (three hundred and forty-eight days), I have been able to keep him under a sort of sedation. I can feel his presence, but he does not speak to me anymore. I think of him a lot, and I see his face.

  • That Good Night by Philip J. Lees
    Now there is nothing more but to add my own ruminations to this archive, for as long as I can, in the interests of librarianly completeness. It could have been any of us, but I am the one, it seems, the only one remaining. Being a librarian can be a lonely job; mine is the loneliest job in the universe...

  • Along the Gray Footpaths of Hell by Justin Stanchfield
    They say the first breath is the hardest. That awful dragging moment your lungs collapse, hard vacuum tearing the delicate tissues to froth. You imagine your flesh burning in the sun's unshielded glare, skin blackened and peeling as you wait to die. Of course you don't die, because you can't die.

  • The Mind's Eye, Inc. by Denny Schnulo
    Who would have thought that one of the biggest technological breakthroughs in history would turn out to be such a commercial flop?  And yet, someone has a use for it ... one that's destined to turn the civilized world completely upside-down.

  • Fourth and Goal from the Forty-Eight by Edmund R. Schubert
    Football is only a game, right?  Would you bet your soul on that?

  • Voyager Interview, Saturday by Derek Dexheimer
    The most distant man-made object, drifting off into the universe and oblivion.  Could it be that it has seen things it hasn't told us about?

  • Conversion by Mik Bennett
    After the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, agent Vulpes of the Roman Empire is sent to investigate the mystery of Saul's disappearance, and, ultimately, to work his way into the dangerous new cult that had purportedly desecrated their own Messiah's tomb.

  • Stick Man by Michael John Grist
    Falling asleep in class can get you into a lot of trouble ... but here, we learn, it could also very dangerous.

  • Visions Of Heaven by Telsing Andrews
    Is it a place beyond time?  Is it rebirth amid an infinite cycle of lifetimes?  Or is it something ... completely unimaginable?  One way or another our protagonist is going to find out, because Death is coming for him.

  • Gilbert Visits The Infinite by David Olive
    Faced with infinity, anything that is remotely possible exists somewhere.  Gilbert is given the opportunity to find that one, perfect, remotely possible place.  Unfortunately no one has bothered to explain to him that he probably won't survive to see it.

  • The Eyes And The Canvas by Andrew Tompkins
    The treasure Dennis finds could be love, or it could be something much darker.  Dare he gaze into her eyes so beautiful, and risk opening doors to a past that could destroy everything?  Or could those eyes, like deep and knowing forest pools, be the key to his freedom?


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