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The Lizard Pool

If you want to see wonderful pictures of lizards from all around the world, visit The Lizard Pool on Flickr. As a photographer myself, I’m humbled and amazed by the beautiful and fun images from these globe-spanning artists. At the time of this writing there are over 1300 photos from 449 photographers. Some are so […]

Lizard Looping and Anoles

I have this video of me, standing in the patio of the Dallas apartment with my older daughter, and a little American Chameleon (Anolis carolinis) has hold of my finger in his tiny mouth and will not let go. No matter which way I turn my hand, that little guy is hanging on, biting as […]

Why Bluebellies Have Blue Bellies

Out of all the reptiles I’ve caught and studied as a budding young Herpetologist, these wonderful little blue-bellied lizards were the hardiest and ultimately the most fascinating. Found nearly everywhere in California (with variations across most of North America) these rough-scaled, fast, nimble lizards get their name from brilliant patterns of blue on their relatively […]

The living iguanas will come and bite the men who do not dream...

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