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Hey, you’re here just in time to read my very first post!

I’m a writer and photographer, not a Herpetologist, though I wanted to be a Herpetologist when I was a teen. My hero was Dr. Robert C. Stebbins, author of A Field Guide to Western Reptiles and Amphibians. That was my bible. I still have a copy of it around here, somewhere.

The sad thing about that field guide is the maps showing the areas where you could catch the various species. If you compare those original maps to ones made today … you get a sense of doom. These animals are disappearing, and when you’re like me, someone who actually went out and caught and handled them, it really hits home.

I’m going to start out this website by posting a lot of things I’ve already written over the years, items from my as yet unfinished book Tales of the Lizard Hunter. They’re a bit long winded but I hope you enjoy them anyway. If nothing else, they’re full of enthusiasm. 🙂

The pictures you see at the top, to the side, and at the bottom, are all mine. On the masthead is a common central California bluebelly (Sceloporus occidentalis) and the other two are Mediterranean Geckos I found crawling around my old house in Plano, Texas.

I have grand plans for this place! Please bookmark this site and come back from time to time.

Thanks for reading and welcome to MojoLizard.com!

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The living iguanas will come and bite the men who do not dream...

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