Bearded Dragon Gives Birth To Toy Lizard

Florida veterinarian John Rossi was confronted by a seven year old girl named Finley and her pet lizard, Mushu, who she thought was giving birth.  It looked like another tail was protruding from beneath Mushu’s tail.

Rossi sedated the bearded dragon and began pulling on the second tail, and was rewarded with a pair of rubber legs.  That’s when he and Finley’s father, Jeff Collins, started laughing.

Mushu, named after the little dragon in Disney’s animated movie Mulan, had eaten a toy rubber lizard and it had passed all the way through the bearded dragon’s intestinal tract.

Rossi wasn’t too surprised, as he says bearded dragons often swallow odd things, such as suction cups and coins.  Still, this was the first rubber lizard he’d ever “delivered.”

This begs the question, what is the strangest thing your pet has ever eaten (and passed)?

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