Beer Advocate has a great article that outlines what everyone should do when reviewing a beer: How to Review a Beer

That’s a good place to start, but the problem I have with it is that by following their exacting structure to the letter, you kind of become a punch-card drinking automaton. It might capture the details of the beer, but runs the risk of ignoring the spirit of the brew.

I differ in philosophy, mainly because I drink out of the bottle. I always drink out of the bottle. I prefer it that way. That’s why I rarely if ever describe what it looks like. I don’t care what it looks like. I care about how it tastes.

Beer is a party for the tongue, not the eyes. You drink it, you don’t paint it on your wall.

Also, I’m not an expert at brewing, and I’m not an industry insider.  What I am, though, is a lover.  A beer lover.

A passionate beer lover.

That qualifies me to review beer.  That qualifies anyone who loves beer to review beer.  Especially if you’ve been that way for over 30 years.

So you can say that I’ve had a very long love affair with beer.

And here, on this site, I not only try to capture the beer’s flavor, but also the beer’s spirit.  Also, I happened to be looking for the Holy Beer.

It’s out there somewhere.  I know it is.