The Amazing Fish ‘n Flush

So, really, how many fish have you ended up flushing down the toilet?

Here’s an idea: save yourself some trouble by keeping them in the toilet. AquaOne Technologies has made it possible with their amazing Fish ‘n Flush.

No, I am not kidding you.

Imagine how unnerved your PETA-associated friends will be upon seeing this in the bathroom at your next party. I hesitate to say, but it would be almost worth hiding a video camera to capture that initial expression of shock and disbelief.

The secret to this is, though, that there are actually two tanks of water involved. One for the flushing, and one for the fish — and nary the two shall meet. The fish tank itself is actually removable so you can clean it out, etc.

The idea is so silly it’s cool.

And yes, in a way, the fish are living right at the doorstep — so to speak — of the fish cemetery. So when little Goldie is found floating upside-down at the top…

Yeah. She can quickly be flushed laid to rest in the great fishpond in the sky.

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