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WordPress for iPhone

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If I hadn’t already taken the plunge and joined the iPhone cult, the news of this app would driven me over the edge. WordPress + iPhone = true convenient mobile blogging. Obviously I am writing this using the software. One thing it will lead to is much shorter posts. WordPress for the iPhone is hereby […]

Google Chrome

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I’m testing out Google’s new browser, which is now in open beta (available here) and so far I’m impressed. My initial reaction was, “WTF?  Why another freaking browser?”  But then I read the story behind it, about why the decided to create a new browser from the ground up, and … wow.  It made complete sense. Who […]

Xobni: The Best Thing To Happen To Outlook

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For years and years, and years, I would prefer to use anything but Outlook as my email client.  When Google came out with Gmail, I was hooked on that.  Still am, actually. Microsoft made significant improvements with Outlook with version 2003, to the point where I grudgingly liked it, but still only used it when […]

Ford, Powered by Microsoft

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My current rental car is powered by Microsoft. If that isn’t enough to strike fear into a mortal heart, I don’t know what is. The first thing I noticed at the airport last week, climbing into this ugly dark gray Ford Fusion, is a big reset button on the dashboard.  My eyes trailed down to […]