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Turbine Jet Pack

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They call it a jet pack, but, when people think of jet packs they actually think rocket engines.  These are two tiny, extremely efficient turbo props that spew out jets of air, so in that way, it’s a jet pack like those little one man boats are called Jet Skies.  In other words, the word […]

Gizmodo is impressed by several mundane objects

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I was surprised by the choices that Gizmodo made as their “Weirdest and Most Wonderful Gadget Designs of 2008.” Yes, some of them are kinda cool, but none of them especially fires my rockets, and if those are the most wonderful gadgets of 2008 then this has been a boring year for gizmos.

Evil Alarm Clock

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Meet “Tyrant.” This is designer Alice Wang’s evil alarm clock that works through peer pressure, intimidation and humiliation. It apparently connects to your cell phone via bluetooth, and if you don’t wake up at the appointed time, it begins dialing people at random on your cell phone every three minutes so that your friends, family, […]


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A little version of the "Big Dog" robot featured a couple days ago… I like the handle on the back.  Makes it look like a four-legged appliance.

Boston Dynamics Big Dog

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A loud, buzzing version of a pack mule, but at least one that doesn’t leave piles of donkey poo for you to step in. Check out when they try to kick it off it’s feet.  That’s groovy!

Bryan Rawlings Booster Blades

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No, these are not roller blades. It would be more accurate to describe them as foot bicycles. “Booster Blades” are a very groovy advancement in personal transportation technology. It’s funny to say it that way, but, again these are not roller blades. There’s a propulsion system built in, and brakes. Yes, brakes. True brakes. The […]

iRobot CoWorker

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It appears the HeadThere Giraffe has some competition from iRobot. While this telepresence robot lacks the screen to display the controller’s face, it appears to be designed to take more abuse … which it will undoubtedly receive. The purpose of the robot is so that a company expert can tour a factory or job site […]

Transparent Aluminum

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We all know Scotty brought transparent aluminum to our century from the future. You remember, when they saved the whales in Star Trek IV? Well now, finally, someone has found a use for it besides making a giant aquarium for space-faring Cetaceans. It’s about time, too! Transparent aluminum is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen, […]

Bracelet Mobile Phone

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Here’s a groovy one for the girls! It’s a phone. No, wait… It’s stylish jewelry. No, wait… It’s a unique combination of both. From Yanko Design. Designer: Tao Ma

Suck Your Food Fresh

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This is none other than a vacuum chamber for your fruits, veggies, etc. Place your bread and other yummies into the Auto Vacuum FoodFresh, close the lid, and this gizmo sucks all the air out of the chamber, thus making your food last longer and stay fresher. I think it’s great!  It’s a true kitchen-geek […]

Fantasyware of the Week…

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This groovy gizmo doesn’t yet exist, but it will. It will. Microsoft Personal Flying Droid Please ignore the fact that it’s a Microsoft propaganda film, and just go with it.

The Amazing Fish ‘n Flush

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So, really, how many fish have you ended up flushing down the toilet? Here’s an idea: save yourself some trouble by keeping them in the toilet. AquaOne Technologies has made it possible with their amazing Fish ‘n Flush. No, I am not kidding you. Imagine how unnerved your PETA-associated friends will be upon seeing this […]

Robotic Giraffe

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This interesting contraption is a remote controlled robot called the Giraffe, made by HeadThere Inc. of San Francisco. It connects via Wi-Fi or G3 to the net and you control it from anywhere in the world, sending it rolling through your office, home, whatever. Via camera and microphone you see everything it sees, and via […]

Thought Control

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The funniest part of the recent movie Accepted is where this odd looking kid blows up the snobby Dean’s car with his mind. Soon you’ll be able to do that too. In a video game, at least. Emotive Systems is one of a number of companies today working on a mind-computer interface — the stuff […]

VentureOne = Wicked Road Fun!

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Just watching the video on the website for this little vehicle makes my heart race. Available in hybrid or all-electric, both zoom down the road like a little space fighter, mixing the fun and economy of a motorcycle with the comfort and safety of a car. Well, relatively speaking. The front pivots during a turn […]

New SeaBreacher Dolphin

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Okay, let me just let this sink in for a few seconds… Your very own uber-cool private two-seater sports submarine… …that jumps out of the water like a submersible jet ski. Um… I think I need some smelling salts. I’m so dizzy. Am I dreaming? Is this thing real? Go to and see for […]

Power Cost Display in Real Time

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Here’s a handy device from Blue Line Innovations called the PowerCost Monitor that monitors your electric costs as you’re using it, displaying in real time your ever escalating energy bill. I see a bright side, and a dark side to this. The bright side is you can see how much money you’re spending on energy […]

Captain to away team: Set your Coke bottles to “Stun”

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Sad news for owners of this genuinely groovy gizmo, the Coca-Cola ElectroPlasma Lamp: it’s been recalled. What could be more perfect than a gas plasma lamp inside a Coke bottle? One that doesn’t have a metal cap. It seems this is a major design flaw, especially considering that metal conducts electricity. Hmmm… isn’t the whole […]

Meet the WAM-V

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Being that I practically grew up on a boat, my heart skipped several beats when I saw this wonderfully bizarre craft: the Proteus, a “WAM-V” which stands for Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel. Looking like something right out of a science fiction movie, Marine Advanced Research, Inc. has developed what they tout as a completely new […]

Jet Powered Strap-on Wing

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Now this is a groovy gizmo, though not one you’ll likely keep in your garage. Daredevil Yves Rossi has created a jet-powered set of wings that he straps to his back and uses to outrace airplanes. It’s quite a ways along it the development, as it actually flies (see the video on his website or […]