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WordPress for iPhone

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If I hadn’t already taken the plunge and joined the iPhone cult, the news of this app would driven me over the edge. WordPress + iPhone = true convenient mobile blogging. Obviously I am writing this using the software. One thing it will lead to is much shorter posts. WordPress for the iPhone is hereby […]

Google Chrome

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I’m testing out Google’s new browser, which is now in open beta (available here) and so far I’m impressed. My initial reaction was, “WTF?  Why another freaking browser?”  But then I read the story behind it, about why the decided to create a new browser from the ground up, and … wow.  It made complete sense. Who […]

Talking Plastic Jesus

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I came upon this at Wal-Mart yesterday. It’s a Barbie sized Jesus doll that quotes scripture, tells bible stories, and gives sermons. It’s also long-winded, because after I pushed the button on His back, Jesus went on and on, and kept going long after I put Him back on the shelf and wandered away. This […]

Xobni: The Best Thing To Happen To Outlook

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For years and years, and years, I would prefer to use anything but Outlook as my email client.  When Google came out with Gmail, I was hooked on that.  Still am, actually. Microsoft made significant improvements with Outlook with version 2003, to the point where I grudgingly liked it, but still only used it when […]

Ford, Powered by Microsoft

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My current rental car is powered by Microsoft. If that isn’t enough to strike fear into a mortal heart, I don’t know what is. The first thing I noticed at the airport last week, climbing into this ugly dark gray Ford Fusion, is a big reset button on the dashboard.  My eyes trailed down to […]

The Java Wand

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You’re looking at the Java Wand. It’s simple, clever, and definitely a groovy little gizmo. Invented by Nancy Raimondo and marketed via Wisdom Wands, this is — literally — a tiny coffee maker at the end of a glass straw. And before you scoff, trust me, I had some doubts as well. The first thing […]

Planned Obsolescence

Before you right now is one of the prettiest, and most glaring, examples of planned obsolescence. This is the iPod Touch. Apple released it without a hard drive, so that you only have up to 16 GB of memory on it. Meanwhile they also released an iPod Classic that costs less but features ten times […]

Foot Flush

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That handle on the toilet is can be a nasty thing to touch, particularly because you have no idea what the person who used it before you was touching. Musician and inventor Eric Herbst had this in mind while playing in bars and nightclubs, where he (and 40% of all Americans) used to use his […]