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In restoring this archive from a WordPress backup, some image links were broken. This may be fixed in the future, but, as noted, this is not a live website per se, but an archive and inactive one. Also please note that most, if not all, external links will be broken.

Bulldog Shredder

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At my company chili cook-off yesterday, I won a door prize.  A Fellows™ “Bulldog” shredder.  Last night I hooked it up and terrorized every piece of paper that had ever caused me grief.  “Aha!  YOU!  YOU GAVE ME A PAPER CUT!  Mwahahahaha!  Into the shredder with you!  INTO ZEE SHREDDER!  Mwa-hahahahahahaha!” Knock on the door.  […]

Open For Business!

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Okay, it’s the year 2007. Where’s my flying car? Where’s the instant matter transporter? Where’s my mail-order factory-created baby? Um, never mind about the baby part, but I could really use the other two. My girlfriend lives 800 miles away. Instant transport would be handy! This is the future, though. We’re living it. So, what […]