Transparent Aluminum

Clear CanWe all know Scotty brought transparent aluminum to our century from the future. You remember, when they saved the whales in Star Trek IV?

Well now, finally, someone has found a use for it besides making a giant aquarium for space-faring Cetaceans.

It’s about time, too!

Transparent aluminum is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen, and it’s really wild drinking from a can that you can see through. It has practical uses, too, because now you can see what is really in the can. As in, no more surprises! Not that things normally spoil inside the can, but, how many times have you bought what you thought was a dark beer only to find out it’s a light?

No? No one? Am I the only one?

That’s what I get for buying beer while already inebriated.

Anyway, it’s awesome that the cost of producing transparent aluminum has fallen to the point where they can now use it in the beverage industry. No doubt we’ll start seeing it everywhere.

Too bad it’s actually plastic. April fools everyone! However, this is a real transparent “can” — my kids and I found it at the local Asian shopping center.

I like the packaging! Didn’t care too much for what was inside it. Yuck.

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