Bryan Rawlings Booster Blades

No, these are not roller blades. It would be more accurate to describe them as foot bicycles.

“Booster Blades” are a very groovy advancement in personal transportation technology. It’s funny to say it that way, but, again these are not roller blades. There’s a propulsion system built in, and brakes.

Yes, brakes. True brakes. The one thing that I always thought roller blades needed.

Unlike roller blades, when you want to move forward you don’t push your feet side to side to build momentum. Propulsion is produced from a regular, normal stepping action. The lifting and lowering of your feet power gears with your own weight, spinning the rear wheels and moving you forward. In a way, you’re actually peddling the blades forward. They have video of them in action on their site, and also up on YouTube.

Move your feet up and down, just like walking, and you roll forward under power. To stop, you lean your feet back, and it applies brakes.

I think they’re ingenious. And yes, you can buy them now.

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