This beer jumped out at me and screamed, “Buy me! I look weird!”

It’s not the bottle, but the name. I don’t know why, but Kronenbourg 1664 sounds to me like the title of a science fiction novel.

Hmm. Maybe if I drink it, I’ll go back in time.

I pop the top, take a sniff. Not much to the scent.

The first sip is uninspired. In fact, it’s downright nasty. My first thought is that it reminds me of Michelob.

Weak, watery, slightly hoppy, with an uninspired mass-produced beer flavor, the only good thing I can really come up with for it is that at least it doesn’t have that Anheuser Bush tang of industrial poison.

Yet, it has sent me back in time. No, not to the year 1664, but back to when I was a dirt poor college student and we had to scrape pennies off the street to buy weak-ass cheapo canned beer on sale at the wino heaven. After about 5 of those desperate-enough-to-drink-anything beers they actually began to taste … well, not good, but not that bad either.

I suspect it would be the same with this. But, it’s not dirt cheap, and I’m not desperate.

So this Kronenbourg 1664 “Imported from France” “biere” can go right back to France.

I hereby proclaim this beer to be not groovy.

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