IMG_0264 I grabbed this beer over at Kegs & Barrels, my local beer heaven, simply because it has the word “lizard” on the label. I like lizards. In fact, I even have a website about them.

Enough about the lizards though, let’s get to the beer.

I pop the top.

It’s got that hoppy red scent, alright. Hops are very predominant in this. Almost overwhelmingly so. Malt is only a distant and subdued echo buried under blankets of hops.

I wonder if that is the taste, as well? Let’s find out.

I raise the bottle to my lips.

First impression: awesome balance. Masterful, even. It’s medium-light, hoppy, but not over-the-top hoppy. It doesn’t explode hops out your nose and ears. No, it’s well balanced and reigned in by Munich crystal malts which bring a surprisingly delicate taste to something that I expected to be so wild.

But what, I wonder … what does it have to do with lizards? Specifically, lizard heads?

Please tell me that no lizards were harmed in the brewing of this beer! Unfortunately I can neither confirm or deny this, as the Steamworks website says nothing on the subject. They merely brag about how this is the second most popular amber ale at their pubs.

I proclaim this beer to be good, in fact I would even say it’s fairly groovy. It is not, however, a Holy Beer Contender, and so does not qualify for a spot on the scale.

Sorry Steamworks. Even though there’s a lizard on the label, it’s not quite groovy enough to stand out.

You best not be putting lizard heads in this beer. If you are, they will get their revenge.

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