image Immort Ale.  Imortale.  Imortal.  Get it? 

N’yuk n’yuk! 

Hello?  Hello, is this microphone on

Wow, you’re a tough crowd.  Maybe Dogfish Head should just stick to beer.

Moving right along, I pop the top of this little brown bottle and take that obligatory sniff.  It smells like sugar infused malt and hops.  It smells good.  It’s making my mouth water.

I put the bottle to my lips and tip it up.  It tastes sweet, thick, malty — like Malt-o-Meal malty — it’s fairly smooth but, not beautiful-woman-backside smooth.  Just smooth.  Smooth and hoppy, with nice tangy citrus overtones.  It leaves with a lip-smacking maple finish.

It’s too sweet to be Holy.  But, it’s plenty sweet enough to be groovy, and with 11% alcohol, it’s strong enough too.

It’s also gone already.

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