Whacked by the Snooping Stick

Billed as “the ultimate tool for monitoring Internet activity” this groovy spy gizmo called the SnoopStick appears to be the voyeur’s total schiznitz.

According to the company, Solid Oak Software, all you have to do is plug it into an Internet-connected computer. It takes 60 seconds or less to load its program, and then this program is tied specifically to that — and only that — SnoopStick. You then plug the SnoopStick into any other Internet connected computer, anywhere in the world, and monitor everything the original computer is doing, no matter who is logged onto it.

Just a guess, but they must be using a variant of WinVNC or similar remote control software. Regardless, tying it to a USB stick like this and marketing it as a tool for spying on your children and employees is pure genius. It’s a very clever idea and I’m sure the gizmo itself works great, and no doubt they’ll sell as many of these as they can manufacture.

But… should you use it?


Just like you shouldn’t be peeking into your best friend’s sister’s window with binoculars while she’s undressing. Rationalize it all you want, but it’s still wrong.

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