Daylight Savings Time Updates

Oh great, they’ve gone and changed time again. Someone needs to take the flux capacitor and Mr. Fusion away from Congress!

Whether you like it or not, Daylight Saving Time now begins on March 11 and goes all the way through November 4th. Now there’s more of the year in DST than in standard time. Wouldn’t that make DST standard, now? And standard time will become known as Darkness Saving Time?

Confusing to us, yes, but it’s even more confusing to our gizmos with built-in computerized clocks. Automatic patching should take care of the PC’s and Macs, and your cell phone gets the time from your provider anyway. Usually, that is. But what about your PDA?

Well, you’re going to have to install a patch.

For Palm OS devices, your link is here: Palm Support Daylight Saving Time Update

For Microsoft Pocket PC devices, your link is here: Windows Mobile Updates for Daylight Saving Time

I’ve got one of each, so I’m going through it too. Simply follow their instructions and everything should be okay. But, as always, make sure you back up all the data from your PDA before you attempt this.

Happy time changing!

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