Xobni: The Best Thing To Happen To Outlook

For years and years, and years, I would prefer to use anything but Outlook as my email client.  When Google came out with Gmail, I was hooked on that.  Still am, actually.

Microsoft made significant improvements with Outlook with version 2003, to the point where I grudgingly liked it, but still only used it when I had to.  With version 2007 it actually started growing on me, but still.  Why bother?  I have Gmail.

Then two things happened.  One, Google opened up Gmail to IMAP Access, and two, I stumbled upon Xobni.

Xobni is a Outlook add-in that even Bill Gates loves.  What it does is comb through all the emails you have ever sent and received, and puts the pertinent information into a relational database that shows you, in an incredibly useful way, all the vital facts about your day-to-day communications, who is linked with who, who has sent you what, and when, etc.  The way they describe it, it turns your own email into a virtual social networking site.

I take a step back from that statement, because I feel they’re just using “social networking” as a buzz term.  I can see what they mean, but, no — it’s still just email.  But it’s email where it is very easy to find exactly who it was that Bob was talking about when someone needed to modify widget X, or who was it that sent you that invitation to the Shpongle concert two years ago.  Or what was the name of that science fiction writer who, uh, so-and-so was talking about… something Ledbetter?

When you have Xobni loaded, you’re three clicks away from the answer.

It is so useful, that I fully expect Microsoft to buy it and make it part of Outlook.  Because when you add Xobni to Outlook, it makes Outlook kick email ass, and I have never used any email client that has been such a pleasure to work with.

UPDATE:  As of May 5, 2008, it has gone into open public beta and can be downloaded without an invitation here:  http://www.xobni.com/download

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2 Responses to “Xobni: The Best Thing To Happen To Outlook”


Would be great if you can send me an invitation to xobni!
Thanks in advance.


If you still have an invite left, I would really like to try Xboni. If you do, please send it to aurso at iname.com. Thanks