VentureOne = Wicked Road Fun!

Just watching the video on the website for this little vehicle makes my heart race. Available in hybrid or all-electric, both zoom down the road like a little space fighter, mixing the fun and economy of a motorcycle with the comfort and safety of a car.

Well, relatively speaking.

The front pivots during a turn like a motorcycle, making this — by all accounts — a remarkably fun vehicle to drive. The back end with the two wheels and the engine remain firmly on the ground. Inside you find all the safety features of a car, including airbags, etc., which you won’t find on a motorcycle. Yet something tells me, some deep-down gut feeling, that this is not something in which I would want to be involved in an accident. Especially if I were trapped between two SUV’s.

Still, there is no denying this is one groovy gizmo, and the fact that you can zip along over a hundred miles an hour with a range of over 350 miles … on 4 gallons of gas … I can’t help but love it.

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