Thought Control

The funniest part of the recent movie Accepted is where this odd looking kid blows up the snobby Dean’s car with his mind. Soon you’ll be able to do that too.

In a video game, at least.

Emotive Systems is one of a number of companies today working on a mind-computer interface — the stuff of science fiction — and claim they’ll be coming out with a Wi-Fi headset soon that will allow you to control computer games with your thoughts.

While it’s great that video game money is paying for development, I can’t help but think of all the practical uses for such a device. Obviously it will be a boon to those who are physically handicapped. I mean, just imagine. Slip the cap on, it controls your wheelchair, the robotic arms on your wheel chair, the interface for the computer controlled car, and all the automated systems in your smart house… Yes, develop one for the video games, by all means, but the implications of the interface itself are amazing.

Another company, CyberKinetics, is working on a product to do this for the medical field, but it appears to be some sort of implant. NeuroSky is making a headset version that doesn’t look quite so scientific — it’s more a stereo headphone type accessory, and at least according to the one picture I’ve found, seems to look good on pretty girls.

So get ready world. Thought control is set to be released to the general populace later this year, and one can only imagine what will follow. First video games, next computer peripherals, then robotic control. One of these will probably end up replacing all the remote controls in your house, including the one for the TV.

This is all fine and dandy until the thing becomes a two-way device, and you come to realize the TV is in fact controlling you.

…you will buy this product … you WILL buy this product…

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