Groovy Coffee Factoid #3

091707-0245-groovycoffe1.pngBefore coffee was coffee, it was a tea.
When first discovered, the ancient Ethiopians boiled the leaves and berries of the coffee plant to make a tea.
They also used the berries to make a wine.
It wasn’t until the 16th century that someone figured out how to make the infusion from the roasted beans that we know today as coffee.

Groovy Coffee Factoid #2

091707-0245-groovycoffe1.pngGenerally speaking, the people who harvest the coffee beans in the various nations where it’s grown, make barely enough money with a day’s labor to buy one cup of coffee in the USA.
On the upside, though, they get all their coffee for free.  Now that’s what I call a perk!
(No pun intended.)