Thou Shalt Not Twice-Brew Coffee

There’s a guy at work — let’s just call him Bob — yes, Bob is at it again — who likes his coffee strong.

“What’s wrong with that?” you ask. “Is not strong coffee a good thing?”

“Yes,” I reply, “but not the way Bob does it.”

Bob makes a pot of office coffee which, as usual, is far too weak. But instead of trying to remedy this sad situation by making a pot using more coffee, he takes the coffee he just made and…

I hope you’re ready for this. It’s quite shocking. It may make some of my more sensitive readers burst into tears.

Bob takes that pot of too-weak coffee, and he pours it back into the coffee maker to run it through again.

Through the same used grinds, even!

This is like trying to make a better car by forcing it through the factory line twice. This does not work. Instead of producing an improved twice-manufactured car, you end up with a gnarled piece of junk.

It’s the same with coffee. Bob has taken coffee which was bad to begin with, and in an attempt to make it better, has turned it into something utterly vile.

If you see Bob do this, immediately roll up a newspaper and smack him! It’s a sin against coffee!

Thou shalt not twice-brew coffee.